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Form 3 breakdown

Form 3, Do san hyung, is named after an educator. He believed that learning was not just for the nobles and a few privileged persons but for everyone.

Here is the form:

As we have discussed in class, each form

Has a theme. Understanding and mastering the form gives us a concrete measurement of our advancement.

The opening theme of the form highlights the block punch combo in one move. It uses the water principle to drive the technique. As a result the rhythm of the form is very different from the first two forms. Form 1 and 2 rely on a regular cadence and step movement.

In this form, we first see the rapid block punch as one movement as opposed to two separate ones. We learn to apply this simultaneous defense and offense in sparring as well.

The rhythm of the form is uneven, simulating what happens in most combat situations. We attack and defend simultaneously.

Opening block punch

Notice the stance change as new theme of simultaneous block punch is introduced for the first time.

Cat Stance, double forearm block front snap kick

Note stance changes throughout.

Another aspect of this form is the use of stance changes to retreat, as in cat stance, and then move rapidly into a defense and attack position. Here in the middle of the form we see an application of this against two imaginary opponents in two different directions.

Also here we see attack and defense position to two different directions in front of us. Previously in earlier forms, the attack defense are on two opposite sides, eg to the left and right.

Do San Hyung is an important form to learn and understand in advancing from yellow belt towards green belt. As we advance, it becomes important to appreciate the combinations presented in form and apply it in breaking, self defense and sparring.

Enjoy learning the form and developing it over your training!

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