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Master of Physics

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

In our class, we often talk about methods of generating power. We begin with the concept of the ground as the fundamental source of power that is independent of our feelings, temperature, time and conditions. It is always there supporting us in our life in a gravitational field. We can use the ground as our friend.

We can use this as our foundation for generating movement and producing work through the three cardinal coordinates.

Cardinal Coordinates

Through these three dimensions we can create translational, rotational, and gravitational movements. Beyond these are the internal mechanics of our body that allow us to channel more force, produce more work than simply moving through space.

These forces are harder to see but easy to understand through training.

Coordinated force acting on target

We can COIL our core like a spring, and release its potential energy explosively on contact. We can coordinate kiyap on impact to add speed and power just at the strike connects to its target.

Only through repetition and training can we use all these dimensions of force to make ourselves stronger than the sum of our movements.

Here's another mathematical look at the ten or eleven dimensions of space described in physics. It describes in detail all the hyper-dimensions outside of the mundane three that we live through.

In class we use repetition, creating muscle memory, to reflexively create more energy than the sum of each individual dimension. This is how we can be more powerful than bigger, faster and stronger opponents. Through our constant training to build up our endurance, we can realize unlimited potential.

But we need to constantly practice, and strive for perfect practice. When this becomes a lifelong endeavor, it will naturally start to apply to other parts of your life.

Take some time and reflect on this. Review your own training and progress and see how you are tapping into that unlimited potential!

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