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Summer Training

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Broken glass

I have promised a note on training. In order to be able to advance in your martial arts training it is essential to be able to take what is taught in class and translate it into other parts of your life.

At this point, most of you should be able to do most of the beginning warmups without me to lead. It is something to practice on your own and build on.

I have also advocated building into each day a set of things to do.

Here is my daily routine. One in a while I give myself a holiday what I am on vaction, however, otherwise I perform this each and every morning before the day begins:

1. Soccer style toe touch stretch with 20 second hold x3 and then again with hands flat on ground x3 (feet parallel, and crossed left over right, then right over left)

2. Slow back kick with hold at full extension for 20 seconds, followed by 3 roundhouse kicks high section, followed by slow full extension sidekick rotated 180 degrees (all done while on plant leg). Repeat for right and left.

3. Slow full extension front kick for 20 seconds, followed by 3 crescent kicks, followed by front/side kick combo (all done without setting kick leg down). Repeat for right and left.

4. 20 incline push ups on knuckles on marble floor.

5. Kneeling stretch, head to ground followed by side body rotations x3.

6. 24 sit ups with knees bent, no foot support (military push ups)

7. Hurdle stretches x2 each side held for 4 seconds.

8. Both legs spread stretch to right and left, chest to knee, held for 4 seconds each.

9. Immediately into chest to ground stretch held for 10 seconds.

10. Bring legs together, holding ankles and pulling chest to knees, 10 second hold.

11. Myofascial massage to any sore points.

12. Meditation (zanshin, mushin) for 2 minutes.

I have done this for the past fifteen years. I do it whether I feel good or ill. I do it now without real thought, as if the body needs to do this in order to proceed to work, office or other duties. It is my way of anchoring myself and allowing the ki to flow right from my first breathe.

Each of you will need to find a way to create something that you do without fail. This is essential for growth, and in training. It will give you the foundation to think clearer and be more relaxed, focused in your day.

I look forward to seeing what routines you create for yourselves!

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