• Master Ash

What I did in my Summer

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Summer is often a time we look forward to enjoying. There is no school, the weather is great, everybody can be outside and you can go away on vacations!

Personally, this summer has been a time to recover health and well being. As adults, we constantly work to provide, protect and pursue things that will take care of our family. This goes well beyond simply working a job; we manage our children's activities, clean and cook, find time to be with our lovely family, and still attempt to pay attention to our own health.

That's a lot to do! Summers traditionally are a time to be able to cut loose, relax the dizzying set of demands we take on in the other three seasons.

So this summer, I promised to take care of myself.

One major goal was to improve my physical fitness. Now those of you who know me can attest to my multiple injuries from training and cumulative breakdown over time.

Torn Achilles, strained calf muscles, dislocated hip, fractured thyroid, and pain each morning. Enough! I have worked to recover health and have enjoyed the first summer of near full health since over a decade.

Training in martial arts, much like in surgery, has often been an exercise in discovering our failings. Not fast enough, not strong and missing breaks, losing matches and being defeated. In surgical training, not smart enough, not quick enough, losing patients and mourning the loss. If only I trained harder or was smarter I could have won my sparring matches and broke the boards or concrete better. If only I had studied harder, stayed up later memorizing anatomy I could have saved my patients, operated better. Defeated by my own insecurities, I redoubled my efforts to succeed only to end up frustrating myself over and over. Have you ever felt that way ? Constantly striving and just not getting there?

It is very common.