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Won-Hyo hyung Form 4

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Won-hyo hyung is named after a Buddhist monk who lived in the 7th century during the Silla dynasty.

The form is known for its opening theme of a triple combination, the first in the series of forms to date.

It also starts in a unique fashion in a closed stance with right closed fist covered by the open left hand in the traditional Buddhist greeting. This is significant not only in how to say, "Hello", but also shows the beginning of a fight sequence with "empty hands", without weapons hidden. Also important in this beginning is how greetings were done without touching the other person. This was a way of preventing disease through touch.

The triple combination that is the theme of this form. Note the stance changes intimated by moving the front foot along with rotation of the hips and dropping lower into the final punch:

This form can be practiced in many ways: slowly to emphasize the stance changes that drive the power, quickly to simulate street speed intensity of combat, or mentally to develop 3-D spatial awareness.

Here is the form spliced to show the reverse view:

Won-hyo hyung is an intermediate form required for advancement to green belt.

[Thanks to Chloe Orsag, il dan, for the video and edits]

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