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Why the ground is your best friend

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

The ground is always there for you. If you fall, it will catch you. If you want to walk, you can always count on it.

There are very few things in life we can rely upon upon. The laws of physics applies to each and every one of us. You cannot pay to turn off gravity nor can you pray away the jump back kick away once launched.

We all are subjects of the physical parameters we live in.

From the moment we are awake, we put our feet on the ground to begin our day. It is a basic of life.

In martial arts, we can count on the ground to "hold us up".

In physics we learn that when we step, jump, or fly we all depend on the ground to begin our movements. As such, it is the most powerful ally we have. Is there anyone who can transfer momentum, or support our punches and kicks more powerfully? I submit that the earth's mass and inertia provides us the most primordial basis of the most powerful attack.

If we can kinetically link our movement through the ground, we can hit harder and move faster than anything created. This common denominator to every living moment links our potential and kinetic movements every moment of everyday.

When we establish a strong, connected stance to the ground, then we can link the basic three dimensions of spacial motion to increase our impact.

In other words, projecting off of the ground we can rotate, drop and move forward to create a stronger attack and defense than if we rely only on our body's musculature and speed.

Upcoming posts will explore how we can link the ground and translational, rotational and potential energy to drive our movements so that the smallest of us can strike like thunder and move like lightning.

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